Statistics. Or maybe Greek?

One of the modules I need to take as part of the degree I’m working on is Business Statistics. I avoided it last year but I couldn’t avoid it any further because it’s necessary for some of the second and third year subjects I’m taking. 

So here’s the thing. I don’t have a numbers brain. My head works in words and pictures, designs and colours.

I passed matric math, but it certainly wasn’t my strongest subject. Not by a long shot! And now, 21 years later, I’m taking a numbers based subject at university level. I figured if I wanted a shot at passing, I would need to attend lectures.

The classes started last week and I was pleasantly surprised at how easily I followed the class last week. The lecturer was passionate about the subject, patient in his explanations, with a dry sense of humour. I left feeling quite excited about my prospects in the class. Okay, maybe not excited. But pleasantly surprised. I think my exact words when I got home were “I’m not as dumb as I thought I was!”

I was far less nervous about attending last night’s class. For the first half of the class I was still happy with how much I was able to comprehend. When other students needed help with the “less than” and “more than” symbols, as well when to round up or down, I decided that at least I hadn’t forgotten everything I learned at school! 

I was even a bit smug, because when we took a break, two of my class mates asked me to help with one of the concepts they hadn’t quite managed to grasp. 

Maybe it was the tiredness of a long day catching up with me but when we returned to class, it was a different story! 

It was as if Stan, our lecturer, had started speaking a foreign language. Suddenly he was sprouting formulae with square roots and Greek symbols and letters divided by letters and I literally felt my eyes glazing over. I had the distinct feeling that I was hanging on to my understanding by a mere thread. That if my mind wondered for more that a second that I’d lose the thread completely. So much for my smugness! 

Fortunately, I know that I wasn’t the only student looking dazed and confused and the lecturer called it a night soon afterward. 

I’m seriously hoping for a recap next week! I can’t really have lost the plot so early into the semester? 


One thought on “Statistics. Or maybe Greek?

  1. I’d blame a long day & that you were tired. Give it another shot! Recently I helped my niece study science and realised, hey I can do this! LOL! It’s sometimes what we tell ourselves that we believe. I think you’re still able to do all the maths and numbers, but in a creative & colourful way!


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