Foodie Fabulousness: 6 minute cauli-rice 

I loved the feedback I got from my Banting Granola post the other day so I thought I share another of my favourite low carb basics with you.

Nick always teases me and says the Banting community would find a way to make chocolate (or something equally impossible) out of cauliflower if they could. He also blames the high price of things like butter and cauliflower on us low-carbers – supply and demand and all. He’s probably right! 

CF really is the most versatile veggie, whiffy scent aside! I’ve had amazing cauliflower rosti, cauli-mash and and cauliflower pizza bases, but the easiest and my favourite is cauli-rice. 

I use it as a my “starch” for curries, stews and bolognaise. The strong smell seems to disappear and it becomes the perfect base to take on flavourful, saucy dishes.  

On a side note – they say cauliflower makes you fart, but for me, starchy wheat ingredients have a far worse effect (is that TMI???) 

Sorry -I got side tracked – I shouldn’t talk of farting in a food blog!

I know zoodles (zucchini noodles) are also a great base, but they’re a pain in ass to make at home. You can buy them ready made in woolies, as you can, cauli-rice, but I’m not a fan, unless you’re planning to cook them on the same day. I find they don’t stay fresh very long, all chopped up, and they’re more expensive too. 

Anyway, onto my method:

Take one head of cauliflower and blitz it in the food processor for a couple of seconds. 

Stop when it looks like this: 

Add a couple of knobs of butter and some salt… you decide how much! You could probably add other spices, like nutmeg, at this point. Nutmeg is awesome with cauliflower!


Microwave haters, look away. 

Nuke the rice for about 5 minutes, stirring half way to distribute the butter and salt. 

Et voila… 

I cooked mine to eat with a Bolognaise sauce, while the rest of the family ate spaghetti. And my meal makes an awesome workday lunch, so that’s tomorrow sorted! Yay!

So there you have it, my easy peasy 6 minute cauli-rice.  

Thanks for reading! 😘

Hil xxx


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