Endings and Beginnings

Hey hey – it’s the first day of 2017! 

I kept planning to write a goodbye 2016 post – but holiday chill got the better of me and I didn’t get round to it before the clock struck 12 last night!

Social media has been all abuzz about how nasty 2016 was. Honestly though – I see people saying that every year. It was just a year. It had good moments and bad moments. I reckon for us, more good than bad.

I took a look at my resolution blog for 2016 and I’ll give myself a pass mark. I managed to achieve some goals, made progress on a few and flunked one or two. 

My top achievement was finishing the first year of my degree, in one year! It was hard work and very stressful but I did it and now, being one third of the way in, I have no excuse not to carry on and complete my second year. 

I also ran the Two Oceans half marathon and some other half marathons in the first half of 2016. But that all came to a grinding halt in the second half of the year. 

I’ve made some progress in my career plans too. They’ve not gone as quickly as I had hoped but progress is progress, nonetheless. 

We’ve had some amazing holiday and trips and I’ve loved all the photo opportunities! Follow me on Instagram (@inhilshead) to check out my iphoneography escapades. 

My battle with my weight loss was been one of the fails for the year. I lost focus and let the stress of the last half of the year get the better of me. I’ve eaten my stress, my emotions and all the chocolate and it’s been a slippery slope back to where I started. The lack of regular exercise didn’t help either. So in total clichéd fashion, the new me starts today.

I bought a lovely new car this year! I’m absolutely loving driving it! 
As for my family… they’ve all had some amazing highlights too. 

For Ewan, the long anticipated end to Primary school finally arrived. The last few weeks of “lasts” for him and us left us all with mixed feelings. 
It’s a strange place to be in as a mom. Claire will still be at the school so I’ve not said goodbye completely. But I did say goodbye to parents that I’ve known and chatted to for the last 9 years! Some have become good friends and we will continue to socialise, but others remained friendly, familiar faces that I might only bump into again. There’s some sort of sadness in that. 

And on to highschool… I know Ewan’s a little nervous and so am I – there is just so much to get used to! 

Claire has had an exciting year too. It was her first year doing competitive gymnastics and she did really well, achieving junior Gauteng colours and a whole bunch of gold medals! 

Nick ran his first ultra marathon and a whole bunch of other races and just gets fitter and stronger. I’m excited to see where and how far his running shoes take him in the coming years.

This fabulous pic was taken by Jeanette – find her at http://www.therealjenty.com

Thank you 2016 for some awesome memories, lessons and experiences! 

Onward and upward!   


2 thoughts on “Endings and Beginnings

  1. For me, you played a big part in the beginning and mid year when we managed to run a couple of times together. It makes such a difference having a running group of friends which I can relate to and share with. So thanks! Here’s to 2017, onward and upwards!

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