39 things

This was going to be a cynical, but funny post about 39 lousy things about aging but since it’s now the end of the loveliest birthday and I’m full of the gratitude and joy, I can’t possibly think of 39 things to be grumpy about! 

Okay, so my hairstylist talks of using colour for “extensive grey coverage” and the facial I had today was an anti aging one, at the recommendation of the beauty therapist… But truth be told, I really don’t mind getting older. 

I know so many awesomely inspiring women over the age of 40. I have the privilege of calling many of them friends. And they’re wonderful. They know themselves and yet are open to learn more. They’ve achieved so much and continue to push for more. They’re wise and funny and empathetic and brave. So bring on middle age. It looks like fun! 

I’m so grateful for all the special people who I saw, or that called and messaged me today! And especially my Nick, Ewie and Clairebear who spoiled me rotten. If the rest of 39 is even half as good as today was, I’m going to rock this last year of my thirties! I’m ready to count down to 40! 


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