Oh hey – look… it’s my Blog!

Where am I? What’s this? Oh right… my blog… that place where I sometimes dump a load of words in the hope that someone reads them and derives some enjoyment. A little corner of the internet that I’ve claimed as mine, devoted solely to my musings. And I’ve all but abandoned it. It’s a tad dusty in here now after months of being left vacant. Thought maybe it’s a good idea to pop my head in and open the curtains for a bit.

So where have I been? Oh, I’ve been around. Wish I could provide more exciting details, but honestly, the last few months are just a blur of work and home, parenting, chores and the odd playdate with friends. A little bit like being on a hamster wheel. You know the feeling, right?

claire-gymIf you follow me on Facebook, you’ll know that Claire had a round of gymnastics competitions which took up a bunch of weekends and she has an armful of gold medals for her dedication.

Ewan was finally accepted into the high school we were all hoping for, so now the countdown to the last day of primary school is on! Each time we have a primary school event, it’s in the back of my head that this is the last time we will do it with him.

One of my highlights in the last few months was buying a new car! After deliberating for new-carages, I finally signed along the numerous dotted lines and bought a lovely cream coloured Renault Captur as a replacement for my Honda Ballade. I am absolutely loving driving this baby. It has all the bells and whistles, and I do like bells and whistles. Even though it’s relatively small and zippy, it doesn’t feel like I’m driving a dinky toy.



Workwise, I’ve had an interesting few months. I went on a fantastic leadership course as well as a great business project management course. The leadership course was absolutely fascinating in terms of the insight it gave me into how I think. In preparation for the course, they did two detailed assessments on the participants. The results affirmed that I really am a creative being at heart, with a strong bent towards people and reasonable organisational skills, but not a whole lot of natural analytical skill.


I’ve been given a regular opportunity to use my creative word skills at work and I am loving the challenge. Much like my blog (or a painting – way back when I used to play with paint) I am always fascinated by the process of sitting in front of a blank screen (or canvas) and finding the flow. Most of the time, I love the result. Especially if I leave the finished product for bit and then revisit it with fresh eyes. Maybe I’ve neglected my blog a bit because I am getting a regular writing fix at work? Or maybe I’m just looking for excuses 😉

I can’t say I’ve done a whole lot of reading lately, but I am absolutely in love with Audible. Between the audio books and podcasts, my drive to work is a pleasure. I find that I listen to different things to what I would normally read. My default read is light chick lit, but as audio books, I love biographies and mystery/suspense. And as for the podcasts, I really enjoy listening to the comedy stuff, particularly live storytelling. If I’m not on Audible, I listen to podcasts on Cliff Central. They’re intelligent and irreverent, obnoxious at times, but a whole lot more entertaining than old school radio. Isn’t it amazing how we can pick and choose media content nowadays?

Staying on the subject of picking your media content, we also cancelled our DSTV account at home and we now do Netflix. I’m not a big TV watcher at the best of times, and much rather prefer browsing the interwebz and social media for mindless time out, so I don’t really miss much on DSTV, except maybe the cooking shows… I always loved the cooking shows. I am enjoying a bit of series binge watching now on Netflix. Nick and I just finished watching a really cool Brit crime drama series called “Broadchurch” and we are now on the hunt for the next series to watch.

And then there was the studying thing… Oh boy, I’m battling with the motivation to buckle down and study at the moment. Exams are just over a month away and I really needhil-assignments to focus. I started off the semester pretty well with my assignments – or at least I think I started well, I haven’t actually had the results yet – but I’ve really not been very disciplined in the last few weeks.

In an attempt to gather myself towards myself, I bought a Vit B complex supplement as well as some herbal brain power supplement called Xcel. I told the lady at Dischem that I would come back and buy her a chocolate if these products that she recommended actually work and I pass my exams!


Finally, an update on my running. Or lack thereof. Running took a bit of a back seat in winter. After reality kicked in and I decided not to attempt running a the CT marathon (happening this coming weekend) I took a bit of a time out. I walked at least one session each week, but I’ve been finding running quite painful. My right knee was sore – which seems to have eased up recently. My left foot and ankle however have been giving me a lot of trouble. I feel okay when I walk, but running has been painful. And the hours after running are even worse!

Last week, I decided to enter the Soweto Half Marathon to give me something to work towards again. I committed to a training plan, but after two short consecutive run/walk sessions this past weekend, I realised I can’t and probably shouldn’t try and run through the pain. I was in a lot of pain on Sunday after my 8k run/walk and my left foot is actually swollen at the moment. I’ve consulted Dr Google and self-diagnosed and I’ve finally made an appointment to see a physiotherapist and have an appointment this evening.

All being well, I plan to do the 10k Cape Town Peace Run/Walk this coming Sunday while Nick, Jents, Karen and Lance take on the 42.2k. I am so excited for a grown up weekend away with Nick and our friends and enjoying the scenic 10k route at a leisurely pace, taking loads of pics and just soaking up the vibe.

And that, friends, is my news for now. I won’t promise loads of regular blog posts for the foreseeable future because my focus really should be on studying, but if the inspiration strikes…


Hils xxx


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