Adulting… Or doing the real thing?

I keep hearing people talking about adulting… I wore heels today – #adulting, I submitted my tax return – #adulting

I get it – really I do… For the longest time, after I had my own home, was married and even had a child, I would sometimes have some sort of out of body experience where I would catch myself in the middle of an adult activity, like a monthly grocery shopping excursion and be like “Really, is this my life now? This is far too grownup a chore for me to have to do!” It felt distinctly like I was playing a game of Adult Adult. 

I realized today, when I heard a bunch of 20 somethings talking about adulting, that I haven’t had that out of body experience for a while now. I wonder when that feeling stopped? 

I think maybe it was when I hit my mid thirties and my kids were firmly in primary school. The feeling of playing pretend is definitely gone now. 

I have two preteens who seem to absorb pop culture (and song lyrics) by osmosis. They talk of Drake, Caspper Nyovest and Justin Bieber authoritatively, whereas I had to Google “who was that guy who filled up the dome?”  before I typed this sentence. 

At some point, grown up started feeling like natural state of being. Maybe it was when I started to page through ‘Woman and Home’ instead of ‘Cosmo’. Or when I became less embarrassed to say I listen to 702 (or now, Cliff Central) – the thing is, I’ve always liked talk radio but it used to seem like such a fuddy-duddy things to admit to. Now I actually don’t care what people think of my listening choices. Maybe it was when I started buying hair colour to disguise my greys, not because I felt like changing up my chair colour out of boredom. Maybe it was when I opened my mouth and my mom came out.

I certainly don’t dislike the idea of getting older. It’s become easier and easier to be in my skin in the last few years. Maybe that is because my skin is a little more stretched out now 🙂 

Seriously though, I’ve heard loads of women over 40 talk about how awesome things happen once they reach the big Four-oh. So I still have that to look forward to. And while I wait for 40,  I can practice my awesomeness! And practice being okay with my grey roots and laugh lines and save for Botox. 

I guess it’s a case of fake it till you make it. At some point in the last few years, I made it to real adulthood and stopped playing pretend. And whilst I’m quite accepting of my grown up status now, after a rough day sometimes I just don’t want to adult anymore! But for that, there’s wine. And because I’m a genuine adult, I don’t mind admitting I drink wine – yes Mom, I drink wine 🙂


2 thoughts on “Adulting… Or doing the real thing?

  1. I agree so much with this post – I guess for me its not a case of whether I can or that I am adulting… sometimes I just don’t want to, and I am not entirely sure that feeling will ever fully go away 🙂


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