Some more reflections on the year that was…

Most years, I try to sit down and do a little reflection on the past year. This is the first time I’m doing it on a “public” forum. Generally my thoughts are confined to scraps of paper which disappear over the course of the next 365 days. I reckon if I do this here, at least it will be around to look back on this time next year!


Our kids have both grown so much this year. Ewan seems to be taller and more grown up each day and Claire is looking decidedly tweenish and less like a little girl every time I stop to take a look.

Both of their year-end school reports were great. I felt like I spent a lot of time nagging and lecturing after each test result came in, as well as running around at the last minute. In 2016, I would like to be a bit more organised and in touch with what they are up to and avoid the “after the fact” speeches about studying harder next time.

Ewan achieved well at all his Golf tournaments and discovered he can run too – I am hoping he does more of that next year. He’s also had positive responses from two choice highschools, so we will take some time now in this last year of primary school to make some big choices about where he will go in 2017.


Claire discovered gymnastics and can be found upside down most of the time. She has become ever so graceful in her movements and I can’t wait to see where another year of training takes her.



About this time last year, we brought our new baby kitten home and we have watched her grow from a kitten to a gorgeous adult cat this year. She adores the kids, especially Claire. Smokey and the dogs have a tentative peace agreement and she spends much time napping in Zuby, the Beagle’s bed, much to Zuby’s irritation.


Claire also adopted an adventurous hamster named Dumpling. Her recent escapades include falling down the stairs in her hamster ball and escaping from her cage in the middle of the night and being rescued by Nick from the cat litter box.


We had the best mid year holiday in Sedgefield with a little road trip through the Karoo… The best time!

The kids also went to their first pop concert – Claire was over the moon to see 1D (before they split!)image12

Work has been a challenge – our intimate little company was incorporated into a huge corporation and the move has been quite a thing to adapt to, from the increased travel time to the hundreds of new people to get to know. It has been a little stressful, but it has been a positive change and I have a good feeling about what 2016 may hold for me, career wise. I do love my new surroundings – our campus is a beautiful place to work in.


My running has really improved. I am over a minute faster per kilometre now than I was a year ago and I pretty confident that I can drop another minute off my pace in 2016 if I stay motivated and consistent. I logged 907 km on Strava, ran two half marathons, made a whole load of new running friends and revived my blog to journal my journey.

Nick just seems to be running further and faster and he has his sights set on the Two Oceans Ultra next year.

I’m around 10kgs lighter than I was a year ago and 20 kgs lighter than I was two years ago. It’s been a slow process and loads of ups and downs, but I’ve kept at it and the results are visible. Less than a kilogram a month doesn’t sound like much at all but I will be thrilled to be another 10kgs down this time next year!


We enjoyed an amazing few days with Nick’s family, when both his sisters were in the country at the same time. Jenty did a beautiful family photo shoot for us to celebrate the occasion and I can’t wait to have some of the images printed for my walls at home. Green-family-010.jpg

My best girls have been around all year for chats (in person and on whatsapp),whine, wine and loads of laughter. You know who you all are and I thank you for being a part of my life.

All in all… it’s been a pretty good year. We enjoyed all the things that count in abundance and I am hopeful for great things for 2016 – for me and for you! Thanks for reading and for all the encouragement to continue blogging!

See you next year!















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