I’m still running! A little round up of the last few weeks.

It’s been just over a month since I last posted about running… and how I’d lost my mojo. Since then, I’ve had loads of encouragement and questions as to whether or not I’m still doing this thing. Yes… yes I am! I have been regularly doing my 5 – 7km run/walks in the weeks and some longer ones on weekends. And it has been going better. A couple of things have stuck out for me in the last few weeks about this journey. And it is a journey… never a destination!

  • I did the Gerald Fox/Sasfin 10k and despite a rainy, cold start, it was a fun, well organised race, with an awesome t-shirt and medal at the end. The kids also got to enjoy a great outing at the Zoo. Bonus! Definitely one for next year’s race calendar.12036559_10153081838651611_7612544898814052723_n
  • I marshaled at race for the first time a few weeks ago… it was a tiny little community race but fun to be on the other side of things for a change! 11988294_935368259881007_8883865066624325570_n
  • It’s okay to not be fast, as long as you’re moving. I’m so inspired by my friends at the club, but one particular conversation stuck with me. One of the ladies runs marathons – yep, the 42.2 km races and she is all about having fun and finishing within the cut off. She attacks them with a plan and sticks to her plan. She is not all about the final time, just the finishing. That is where I need to be.
  • Try a different strategy. The lady I’m speaking of above… she runs for four minutes, walks one. This struck me as a novel way to approach my running. The first time I tried it, I ran for three minutes and walked for two. The next few times I tried the strategy, I ran for four (long) minutes and walked for two (ridiculously short) minutes. My pace was steadier and I felt stronger at the end. It’s a hard discipline, but wherever possible, I need to try and stick to this plan. It does however mean that I may have to run up some mean hills and walk down some where I would rather be running. It’s a good learning experience for pacing myself.
  • After a year on the cards, we finally moved offices in the last two weeks. The new commute has thrown a little bit of a spanner in the works with regard to getting to some training sessions, but I’m pretty determined not to let not getting to a session be my excuse to not run. So if I haven’t made it to a session,  I’ve run alone. And that’s not a bad thing. I sometimes enjoy the time out alone in my head, and I get to try out different strategies like 4:2 without having to involve someone else.
  •  I change my mind on a daily basis about whether or not a I can actually do the Soweto half in two weeks time. I haven’t been putting in the same long runs that I did for Knysna so I’m worried I am not fit enough. I guess I won’t know unless I try. I’m going to get in another long run this weekend, and see how I manage. It would be awesome to get to the finish line on 1 November and know that I did two half marathons in a year when I was never intending on ever doing any!
  • And speaking of the Soweto race, I’m constantly in awe of my awesome husband who is training for his first full marathon which will be the Soweto Marathon. He’s been running his ass off for the last few weeks and he is so dedicated and motivated and I have no doubt that he is going to rock the marathon on 1 November.

Till next time!

Hil. x


4 thoughts on “I’m still running! A little round up of the last few weeks.

  1. Knysna is a tough race! I think you’ll be just fine for Soweto! It’s the consistency of the 5-7km runs in the week that make the difference. All the best in these next few weeks build up to the race. That run/walk strategy sounds like a winner to me.


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