Just when I thought it was all going so well!

Is it normal to just hit a wall? Where you go from feeling to like you’re flying to feeling like you have legs of lead and every run is more a chore than a pleasure?

Everything was going brilliantly well, until a week or three back where I suddenly started feeling miserable. A weekday run where my heart and legs were in protest, followed by a not.very.fun.and.never.to.be.repeated Clearwater Mall race. The entire route felt like an up hill run and I felt incredibly slow and trudgy. When I got to finish line, they were all out of medals and (crappy) goodie bags and tears literally welled up in my eyes. I can’t really explain it sensibly except to say that I felt like a complete failure. Not receiving a silly little piece of metal at the end of the race felt a glaring symbol of my slowness.

Fortunately, when I uploaded my run to Strava a little later that morning, and I actually analysed the run, logic prevailed and I recognise that I have come a very very long way in a short period of time. I could never have run the race I did at the pace I did, a few months back!

I think the problem is that my runner’s brain is streaks ahead of what my body can actually do!

In the week that followed, I did my normal training run on the Tuesday and then went out again on the Thursday for a session. I ran the first kilometre, walked the next and then just decided there was no way I could go any further. I switched off my watch and strolled the last 500 metres back to the school where we run from.

I took the last weekend in August off from running entirely and dragged myself back last week. On the last day of August, I took a real look at my running for the month and to my surprise, I had run 97 kilometres! Ninety seven!!! That’s a lot of mileage (for me) – and I think that maybe I was just tired. That maybe the constant running together with a hectic few weeks at work had just caught up with me!

I’ve taken the last few training sessions pretty slowly, catching my breath and working on finding my mojo again. I’ve decided not to run the half marathon that I was planning to run later in September and rather stick to a 10k that day and focus my attention on getting ready for the big Soweto race in November.

And that is where I am at right now!

Have you ever just completely lost your running mojo and what did you do to get it back?


6 thoughts on “Just when I thought it was all going so well!

    1. I think the weekend off that I took did me a world of good. I figure if I am a diligent little runner all month then a weekend off once a month might be a perfectly legitimate break – no guilt attached! 🙂


  1. I totally get you! It’s happened to me too, often in fact. I just can’t get moving and running becomes such a mental struggle. Taking a break helps and sometimes I even go for a walk. I know! A walk! But it helps to clear my head and refocus. My coach actually warned me last week of running too many races. He reminded me that some weekends, I need to leave my watch at home and just get out there and run for the love of it and not care how far or what the pace is. I really need to do this and so I’ve also decided to run the 10km Gerald Fox and not the half. See you out there soon!

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