It’s been a while!

Jenty reminded me a few days ago that there has been very little blogging activity from me in a few weeks, so I am back 🙂

I’ve been quiet for a couple of reasons. Firstly because life in general seems to have become really busy lately and between work, home and running, I just haven’t had time or energy to put fingers to keyboard. I decided to take today off and make this weekend a lovely long four day weekend and I feel like it’s been just the break I needed to regroup. I’ve slept late, read an entire book, eaten out a couple of times and just generally relaxed.

The second reason for my silence is because I have felt a little uninspired. There are only so many times that I can write about how I wasn’t a runner and now I am and that it is just the coolest thing ever. But since it is so very cool, I am sure you will forgive me for mentioning it a few times more in the future. But since I don’t want to become too repetitive, I think I may expand the subject nature of my posts to include more than just my running updates.

Speaking of updates, here is where I am at. I am going into week 7 of my 10 week half marathon training plan and I have been quite diligent about my training over the last few weeks. I won’t tell a lie… the long runs are hard hard hard and even though I am getting better at them but I do question my sanity and ability while I am at it. And I really have to talk down Ms Defeatist and her very vocal criticism. I do this all very silently though… I don’t want anyone calling men in white coats to collect me.

In other news, I’ve been running on my own a few times over the last few weeks, due to various work functions coinciding with the Run/Walk for Life sessions. What is interesting is that I discovered that I run more than I walk when I go off on my own, compared to when I am at a RWFL session. I think  that it is a bit of a habit thing. A mental shift is required on my part. I have become used to the routes and associating certain parts of the routes with my previous mental blocks about my abilities. I think I need to make a point of pushing myself in the segments of the routes where it has become my habit to walk (and moan about how much I hate hills!)

Oh and before I sign off, a race update. Last weekend, I did the Run/Walk for Life Soweto 10k. It was a bit of mission to get up early and drive out to Rockville, Soweto (then again, all those early morning starts feel like insanity) but the race itself turned out to be loads of fun. Such great community spirit with kids high-fiving  the runners and neighborhood folk shouting encouragement from their gardens. I was kind of amused by how, just after the race started, some young man shouted “Go Sissie” and near the end of the race, I heard another young man shouting “Run Mama” – apparently I aged visibly over the 10 kilometres!

My other amusement for the race – I thought that I was the only person who sets a competitor a few paces ahead as a marker for keeping up and hopefully passing. I had spied a young woman a few metres in front of me when we started running and I decided to try to speed up and pass her. I did pass her relatively easily, but not long after I passed her, I realised she was next to me, and then ahead of me again. We swopped places a few times and I heard her pant “I am not going to lose you!” Apparently, she had decided I was her marker. Eventually we exchanged names and pleasantries. To my delight, it turned out that I was a bit stronger than her and I left her behind on one of the hills and didn’t see her again. Me, competitive? Never. LOL!



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