An update, some races and a rant about rude runners

I’m into the third week of the ten week half marathon training plan and with the start of the official training programme came a bit of a bad attitude! I really wasn’t in the greatest headspace… The first session was Hard.Hard.Hard. My legs felt like lead and everything hurt from the soles of my feet to my ribs. I think the fact that it is getting dark so much earlier didn’t help – while I was running back to the field, I was imagining the everyone sitting around waiting for me. I was really surprised to get back and see a few people still on the field and realised it really wasn’t as late as I thought, and nor was I as slow as I felt.

On Mother’s Day Sunday, the tribe participated in the Adrienne Hersch Challenge… Nick did an amazing sub two hour half marathon and my brother and sister-in-law ran the 10k at supersonic speed. As for me…. I was reasonably happy with my result. It wasn’t the amazing PB that I achieved at The Cradle race, but it was an acceptable result, considering what a tough, hilly route it was. I was again ever so grateful for friends to run with – Vikki and Pippa, two run/walkers from my RWFL branch. I was also grateful for the hilly routes we use for our weekly training sessions. The Randburg hills did not seem quite as bad as they could have, were I not used to our Randpark Ridge hills from hell.

The only thing that marred the race was a rude man who decided to air his superiority complex about 2 kms into the race. We had just slowed down from a run to a walk for the first time and this guy ran around us, muttering about walkers clogging up the road. Now had he been an elite runner, or we were in the first few metres of the race, I would understand his irritation about walkers not making way, but elite he was not – except in his own head. The awesome thing about these races is that there is a space for everyone, whether you run, walk, wheel or have one leg. Please don’t ruin it for everyone with your superiority complex!

Anyways… this is all ancient history – this draft has been sitting around, awaiting publishing for days now. I am over Mr Rude Runner, I promise 🙂

We did another race this past weekend – the RAC 10k – and almost everyone from our club agreed to walk the race to score points for the walker’s league. The real runners were slightly reluctant but it was loads of fun to see Sam, who is about to run Comrades, hang back at the starting gun and stroll off with the walkers. And equally funny to hear the superspeed runners complain about their sore muscles the following day!

And now… in this, my third week of training, I have managed to cultivate a big fat snot germ. I didn’t run yesterday and I felt a mild panic rising about missing training with only eight weeks to go until Knysna! Fortunately I came across this article today and felt a whole lot better about skipping a session! Apparently I won’t lose all fitness just because I missed a run last night.

Before I sign off, can I ask you all kindly to send me some good wishes for the snot germs to take up residence elsewhere so that I can get back to my training plan!!!


2 thoughts on “An update, some races and a rant about rude runners

  1. Hoping your snotty germs disappear to wherever mine need to disappear to! Also missed last night, and hoping I’ll be able to run tomorrow.
    Also stressing about my training now…
    After my moaning, I did enjoy the walk on Sunday! I think it’s awesome cross training to do actually.
    The rude runners irritate me too, I laughed at the one rude runner who tried to ram his way past me on one race… and then ran into a thorn tree! hehe serves him right.

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    1. Read the article I linked to… Very enlightening about what to do about missed sessions and also what not to do… I actually understand a whole lot more about how the training programme is designed now that I have read that! Hope you feel better! x

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