Race #4 – and our little tribe is growing!

The race I chose for April was the Sportsman’s Warehouse Cradle of Humankind race. Jeanette found the race on one of the event websites weeks ago and we all decided it would be a fun and scenic race one to take part in. Jeanette, Jolene and Nick were going to do the 21.1 and I figured I could do the 10. It would be fun to actually go to a race with Nick. We also discovered there was a 5k fun run and suggested the kids take part which they decided was a fun idea. My brother- and sister-in-law, who are recent RWFL converts, also decided to join us for the 10k run, so it turned out to be a rather large crowd.

As always, it’s really just the early wake up call that sucks. Once I’m up and out the house, it feels like a bit of an adventure. I even managed to get some decent sleep, but only until about 3am at which time I started checking my clock every few minutes.

We arrived early and the race was really well organised, so parking and registrations were a breeze. Indoor and clean toilets earned the event bonus points. I do so hate a port-a-loo!

The race itself was awesome. The route went straight out for 5km and then a sharp turn back up the same road. The country scenery was beautiful and the hills relatively gentle. I started out really well and was happy to meet with my friend Kathy a little way into the race. We stuck together for the rest of the way and the first half of the race flew by easily. I have to admit that the gentle hills felt brutal between kilometre 5 and 7 when my legs started to feel a little tired. After 7, I decided that I really needed to push through the ache and managed to run most of the last 3 kilometres, with a lot of encouragement from Kathy. I had set my hopes on finishing around 1:25 and managed to actually do 1:22 – a new PB and 7 minutes faster than my previous 10k race finish!

As for the rest of us… – well, Nick managed to finish his half marathon in under two hours and the kids finished their 5k in 30 minutes and are ever so proud of themselves. We added four more medals to our collection and despite some tired and achy muscles, the Greens have been on a endorphin high for most of the day.

I love how social the races are – so much fun to share the experience with friends and family. I love that we are all doing something healthy together. It’s given our lives a new dimension.

I’m sure most of my Facebook friends are rolling their eyes by now at my incessant running posts, but it’s an achievement I’m incredibly proud of and I won’t be shutting up anytime soon 🙂 The funniest blog post has been doing the rounds lately about just that.  Anyway, I’m sure my Facebook friends prefer the running posts to the birthy ones!image1


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