I’ve entered a half marathon!

Just as I was composing a blog post in my head about not having much news to share regarding running, I went and did something completely crazy and signed up for a half marathon.

Nick mentioned a few weeks ago that he would love to do the Knysna Half Marathon in July. I initially just thought a little midyear break in our favourite spot in the world would be awesome and didn’t give much thought to participating in the race, but then I read the race details and I was intrigued.

The race coincides with the Knysna Oyster Festival. It starts in the forest and ends in the town. They taxi runners into the forest from 4am in the morning, runners shrouded in old blankets and clothing, which is then discarded and donated to the needy in the community. It is apparently one of the most scenic races in SA. The cut off for the half marathon is three and a half hours and a quick calculation based on my current pace told me that if I could train myself to keep moving for 21.1 kilometres, I could actually finish within the time limits. Based on that, it seemed stupid not to just try and participate. You know… FOMO and all.

Most 21 k training plans available online work on a 10 or 12 week programme and as luck would have it, we are 12 weeks from the big race date. I am big on signs from the universe, and I am taking that as my sign!

Since I am already doing the basics, 5 or 6 kms, three times a week at RWFL, I figure if I start upping my distances gradually for the next few weeks, I should be fine… right? Right.

I am also using the race date as a goal date by which I want to lose another 10kgs. I’ve been battling to focus on my eating over the last few weeks so I think using the race as my motivation and eating clean and upping my distances on the road will be just the key to get my weight loss back on track.

I admit that I am a little terrified by the reality of three hours of run/walking but I am also really excited to have a big goal to work towards and a little holiday to look forward to. I was even more excited when I realised that a couple of friends have also signed up, including Jeanette and her husband. I have a feeling it will be a fabulous trip. Champagne, oysters and a little run through the forest – what could be better?


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