Two Oceans and a Parkrun

No… I didn’t do Two Oceans (yet) but Nick did! It’s only his second half-marathon and he’s absolutely rocking the long distances. The circumstances surrounding his entry were rather fortuitous – he won a competition at his work for an all expenses paid entry, with the only requirement from him being that he raise money for a charity of his choice. 

He successfully managed to raise a total of R10250.00 and he finished the race in the amazing time of 2:04.

I won’t tell a lie… I had some serious FOMO going on, with Nick and Jenty, as well as a friend from my office all in Capetown for the event. There is something really cool about being part of such a big race and I wanted to be a part of it. Although it’s a very long way to travel for a race, I would love to be a part of it all in 2016. 

While they huffing and puffing around Table Mountain, I was envisioning a weekend off from running. Our group was closed for the Easter weekend and I was planning to enjoy sleeping in and doing very little. But after skipping Thursday’s run, I was feeling a little antsy and realised I would need to squeeze in a run some time on weekend for my sanity. On Friday night, my sister-in-law suggested we do the Delta parkrun on Saturday morning and I jumped at the idea. 

After waking up at the crack of dawn to watch the start of the Two Oceans, Jess and I went off to our parkrun. It was loads of fun. I bumped into an old friend two kilometres into the route and chatted the rest of the three kilometres. 

It occurred to me after our run that it was probably a year since the first time I had attempted a park run and I went to my old Runkeeper records to hunt down the details of my previous time. The comparison between the two runs, 50 weeks apart proved to me, yet again that I’m definitely fitter and stronger than I ever have been! 

I love seeing stats like this. They keep things real and are hugely motivating for me. 


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