Racing Stripes – Part 2 – All about the bling!

I mentioned here that I participated in two races in February. The second race was quite a different experience to the first. It was the Gift of the Givers 10k walk. The deciding factor for entry for me was the fact that there was a medal and a cool goodie bag. After being awarded a mug at the KFC race, getting a medal was my main requirement for my next race.

The race took place in Eldorado Park and we had to leave before the birds to get to the race venue in time to pick up our race numbers. I seriously questioned my sanity on the night before the race, when I realised I would be setting my alarm for 3:30 AM. As it happened, I did not need the alarm because I did not sleep a wink that night. After realising I was okay with the distance in the previous race, I had replaced that concern with a whole new set of worries, like would I be holding back the walkers in my team especially since this was specifically a walking race and I pictured everyone doing that funny speed walk thing that I am yet to try. Yep – Miss Defeatist has an over-active imagination!

Despite my misgivings, I did get up at 3:30am and drove off in the dark of the night to meet my team mates. The hardest part is getting out of bed – once we were all together en-route, it became fun. While waiting for the starting gun, they played the Chariots of Fire theme and I would be lying if I said I didn’t get a tad teary. I can be such a sappy girl at times!

Sunrise Over Eldorado Park

I walked the race with a friend from the club, Kathy. She is a whole lot stronger and faster than me and I am ever so grateful for the fact that she pushed me all the way. I was amazed by how consistent our pace was. We finished in 1 hour 35 minutes, a whole 10 minutes faster than the Valentine’s night race and I felt quite emotional for the second time that day, as we approached the finish line.

Aside from receiving the medal and shaking hands with Dr Imtiaz Sooliman (the founder of GOTG) at the finish line, the highlight of my day was undoubtedly the iced coffee stall in the stadium. Never has anything tasted as amazing!!! Iced coffee will now be my go-to drink after a race!

I was very grateful to get back home and collapse into bed for a few hours after a hot bath and although I hobbled around for the rest of the day, it was all worthwhile as I had achieved my first precious race medal. It was all about the bling!

All about the bling!


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