The Things I have Learned

March marks my one year anniversary with RWFL. I’ve learned a lot about walking, running and myself in the last year:

  • I’ve learned that there is far more to it than putting one foot in front of another and technique is everything.
  • Attitude is everything too.
  • As are shoes.
  • And socks. Particularly the Falke brand.
  • Muscle stiffness is part of life if you’re out and moving regularly. Joint pain shouldn’t be though.
  • That it’s always hard for the first kilometre or two, but it gets better.
  • That I’m less of a quitter than I thought I was.
  • That it doesn’t rain very often on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. I know this because I sometimes gaze longingly out the windows at the sky, looking for a dark cloud which may mean the session is cancelled.
  • That when I set goals, I become concerned about those dark clouds impeding my process.
  • That most of the time, I just need to get my ass to a session. Once I am there, it’s all good.
  • Fellow “athletes” are generally an amazingly supportive bunch.
  • Just how far 1000 metres actually is. It’s further than I always think.
  • I can truly appreciate watching the professional sportsmen and women, now that I have an understanding of pace.
  • Neon is now a big part of my usually neutral wardrobe.
  • Peer pressure is a good thing.

There are some things I regularly need to remind myself of, too. I often remind myself of these facts mid-run.

  • The only person I am competing against is myself.
  • I need to be my own cheerleader. Go Hil, Go!
  • The joy comes at the end of the session or race outweighs the physical discomfort of exerting myself.
  • This calorie burning thing is good for me.
  • If I push myself, I often surprise myself.

I still wonder:

  • Will I get stronger?
  • Does anyone else find it as hard as I do?
  • Will I ever look good in sports gear?
  • Will my body ever not ache after a session?

Can you think of anything I should add to this list?


2 thoughts on “The Things I have Learned

  1. If my body aches a bit I know I’ve had a good workout. I’m sore after yesterday because I took the week to recover.
    I know that on Sunday I’ll be man down for a few hours after the LSD too. You’re not alone there at all.
    I have the same question about getting stronger, it feels like I’ve been running at the same pace for months, I’m not getting faster… you’ve definitely got stronger, look at how your times are getting so much better, and you’re looking so good after a RWFL session!


    1. I suppose it’s a relative thing… You think you’re not getting stronger because it it feels like an effort each time, but in actual fact we it’s the effort that’s increasing. If we went back to our first efforts a year ago, we probably wouldn’t even break into a sweat.


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