Elastic Bands


RWFL is a gradual programme. Members start with just a few minutes of walking or running laps around a sports field and work their way up to 50 minutes.

At our group, René keeps a basket of elastic bands at the starting point and you collect an elastic band for each lap you walk or run. This helps you keep track of your distance. Without the bands, keeping track of those many circular laps was a nightmare. What  amazed me that I was so motivated by those silly bands!

I desperately wanted more at each session and I envied those fellow walkers and runners who had a bunch of them around their wrists at the end of a session. I was ever so proud as I saw mine accumulating. My favourite part was counting them out at the end of the session and multiplying the number of bands by the 400m circumference of the field to calculate my distance covered.

By the end of my time on the field in mid June 2014, I was covering a distance of around 5km, just by walking in circles. That was 12 and a half elastic bands around my wrist. Not quite enough to cut if my blood circulation but enough to feel pleasantly proud.

Finding little things to mark my progress and motivate me has been a huge part of the journey!


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