Then I had a running buddy (sort of)

I’m not one hundred percent sure what Nick, my husband, made of this new “hobby” of mine when I joined, but my suspicion is that he regarded it with a degree of scepticism. I don’t think he thought I would stick it out. Truth be told, I wasn’t sure either. Four weeks in and I was neither lithe, nor fit and it was hard!

A few sessions in, René asked me if my husband would be keen on joining. I wasn’t sure, but I promised that I would mention it to him. Exercise has never really been his thing. As promised, I did mention it to him and to my surprise, a few days later, he said he would join me at a session to see what it was like. And he did.

At his first session, he walked around the field with me for a bit and then within the first lap or so, he waved goodbye and sped off at a pace. So whilst I had a new partner, so to speak, the only time he was next to me was when he was lapping me. Lapping me happened repeatedly throughout the sessions.

It irked me a bit that one session in, he was a runner and I was still plodding along breathlessly. I guess that is my competitive streak showing through?

Nick was instantly sold on the programme and he’s been a dedicated runner ever since.

The reality for me is that, aside from my pissy envy about his running ability, having Nick there with me over the last few months, has been a big part of what has kept me going back. Maybe the competitive streak is a part of that – I haven’t wanted to look like a quitter when he has been going strong. Nick has constantly encouraged me and pushed me to persevere. Occasionally, I’ve been a grumpy cow in response to his well meant encouragement. For that I humbly apologise!

Doing this together has had other benefits for us too. It’s given us an extra interest, something else to talk about besides kids and bills. We now often browse sports stores together, ogling running gear. We have made new friends. We are working together to set a positive, healthy example for our kids and they now join us for most sessions.

So for my dear husband, THANK YOU for being my (sort of) running buddy.

ps I think I may get Nick go post a guest blog about this journey from his perspective.


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