31 Days of Blogging : Day 2 on Day 5 : What makes me happy?



This is clearly going to be more sporadic than it should be! But better late than never.

This was actually the prompt that got me wanting to do the challenge. How cool is it to take time out to think about what makes me happy?

1. Cuddles from my kids. Best thing in the world! 

2. Laughs shared with my husband. Best way to remember why we are together.

3. My girlfriends – ever grateful for the sisterhood!

4. That feeling when you are busy reading a good book and you are so into it that you can’t stop reading.

5. Witnessing the miracle of birth.

6. Staying in touch with the moms who I have helped during their births. 

7. The first time you sniff the Jasmine in early Spring.

8. Creating art.

9. Cooking a really good meal or baking an amazing cake.

10. Rare Sunday afternoon naps! 


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