Blogging Challenge: Day 1 on Day 2!

I saw earlier today that Jenty is doing a blog challenge and I had a look at the prompts and decided that they looked like fun – so why not?  it’s high time I gave my little corner of the blogosphere some TLC! 

I realise I am a day late, it being the 2nd December and all… but here goes – Day 1 on Day 2! I will try to catch up some time in the next few days, especially since I am now unemployed (more on that later!)

I was born in Johannesburg in 1977. I have a mom and dad and a younger sister. We lived in Johannesburg South until I was about 10 and then moved to Witbank for three years. We moved back to Jozi as I was about to start high school. I spent the first two years of high school at the notorious Forest High and then transferred and matriculated at The Hill. I have always been crazy about art but after school, I was somewhat unsure of what I wanted to do career-wise and I took a job in insurance while I figured out my life. As life happens, I met my future husband at the aforementioned job and three years and fifteen days after we first met, we got married. Three years later, we had a sweet baby boy, Ewan, who is now 10 and two years later, our daughter Claire was born. Although I continue to work in insurance, my pregnancy and birth experiences ignited a passion for working with other pregnant moms and I became a doula. This past year, I have madly balanced work, motherhood, doula work, baking and freelance art. My amazing family and I currently live in a rambling house in suburban Jozi with two dogs and two cats. And that is 36 year old me in about 240 words. I look forward to seeing how the next 36 years play out in another 240 words!


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