Around the middle of this year, I attended a “Body Mapping Art Circle”… I received the invite and attended on a bit of a whim, having no clue as to what to expect.

Kate Ballenden documented the process and sent us photos a few days later. I also wrote my notes about the workshop process a few days afterward, but completely forgot to post them here along with the photos! I came across my notes while doing a clear out of my laptop… so better late than never, here you go…

I had a mini heart attack when I realized that was part of the exercise was to lie down on the floor and have someone trace my outline but that turned into an interesting part of the process for me…

My first thought was “Thank God I have lost some weight, I would not have been happy to do that a few months ago!”. I did however tell the girl doing my tracing in a joking way to make me look skinny 🙂

My observation when I stood up was that I did not immediately hate thesilhouette that was created by the tracing – which is an interesting thingconsidering the love/hate relationship I have with my body. And when I waspainting, I found that I purposefully blurred the lines around my body andI figure that is somehow symbolic of the transformation that I am trying toachieve at the moment.

It took me a long long time once I got down to the painting to get to painting myself – I spent a very long time on the background. Scared to get stuck in. Scared of exposing myself.

I have my feet in the grass and the grass was made out of strips of wrapping paper that had a spiral design – symbolic of growth and being grounded?  

We were asked to lie down in any position we wanted and I chose the position I lay in very randomly. I kind of look like I am dancing – not sure how/why that happened, but I like the effect.  It’s happy. And that’s what I am trying to be. That is very much what the last few months have been about for me… finding my joy. The flowers in my hands are indications of that. 

I have one hand in the sky – the yellow strips are the sun shining down on me…

The many faces that I cut out and stuck on my face are the many faces Isometimes feel like I put on for different people and I am trying to learnto merge them into one authentic me.

The ribbon stripe across my belly andthe labyrinths above are the journey that I have taken since having mybabies, especially in terms of becoming a doula. The spirals are meant to be the creationthat has come from that, my family, doula work, art etc… And I just lovespiral patterns 🙂

The words and images on the shoulder of the arm going up are about thingsthat fulfill make me happy and the few on the other side are symbolic ofthings that weigh me down – they are a little obscure in choice and I really didn’t concentrate much on the negative… just the balance betweenthe two. 

And that was the finished result… something completely different. As a wannabe artist, doing this workshop was an interesting exercise on just letting go, and going with the process. Something I should do more of! 


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