Do something that scares you everyday (or The opening night for BOLD Birth Theatre, Joburg)

Do one thing every day that scares you.

Eleanor Roosevelt US diplomat & reformer (1884 – 1962)

Wow! I can’t believe that after months of talking, planning and rehearsing, we are finally here – we had our first performance for press and birth professionalslast night. It was great!!!

I’ll be honest – I was nervous about how it would be received. None of us are professional actresses and the most acting any of us had done until now was a bit of highschool/uni drama. And that was a long long time ago! We decided to perform the play with our scripts in hand, to help with the confidence levels, make sure the stories flowed and were portrayed accurately. I was concerned that whilst this was clearly an amateur performance, that having scripts in hand would make it look even more amateurish. But I think my fear was unfounded. We all knew our parts really well and while the scripts were there as a comfort blankie, I don’t think they detracted from the story at all!

There were lots of nerves, lots of rescue remedy drops were consumed, lots of calming essential oils were inhaled (don’t laugh, most of us are birthy, slightly crunchy girls who believe in that sort of thing!) and we all had a glass of red wine beforehand to alleviate the jitters.

And then it was time. With the first laugh from the audience, I knew we would be okay. One of the tag lines from the play is “My body rocks” and last night we definitely rocked!

During the interval, we were happy – it was going well and confidence levels were up, but so were my nerves… my “big scene” happens in Act 2. But it went so well – no lines forgotten or skipped… after that it was smooth swift sailing to the end. WE DID IT!

There was an interesting discussion after the play with the audience about the content and message of the play and that was kind of the point of it all – we are all activists for better birth experiences for mothers the world over and this was activist theatre. If you left the auditorium with something to think about, then I believe that we did what we set out to do.  

One of the highlights of the evening was to meet Karen Clarke, the founder of Busfare Babies – they are the beneficiary of all of our performances and they deserve every cent for the wonderful work that are doing with rural mothers in Hamburg, Eastern Cape.

We ended the night on such a high, chatting and hungrily consuming the leftovers from the cheese and wine function held before the event – with the nerves gone, we were all ravenous!

And we do it all over again on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.

Some photos from last night can be viewed on Jenty’s blog.

For more info check out our Facebook page and our website… and book your tickets!!!


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