Saying Goodbye to Tigger and Pooh

I know my kids are getting big. I see the evidence daily in their growing independence and their ever lengthening limbs, sticking gawkily out of the clothes I bought them just a month or two back. And sometimes this fact manifests itself in other ways…

Just before Claire was born, we moved Ewan from his cot into his “Big Boy” bedroom, complete with bed, new Winnie the Pooh duvet, matching stickers for the walls and a new chest of drawers. I remember coming across these cute Winnie, Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore drawer knobs that I.ABSOLUTELY.HAD.TO.HAVE to match his new decor scheme!!! 

We have moved house since and the duvet was relegated to the back of the linen closet as a spare for sleepovers etc, but the chest of drawers remained, without complaint in Ewan’s new bedroom, until a couple of months back. We painted the house and did a bit of redecorating. Ewan got a funky grey/chalkboard bedroom makeover. While we were busy with all the changes, he quietly asked if we could please change the drawer knobs. 

It was one of those moments where I realised that my boy is really growing up… Goodbye Tigger and Pooh!



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