Being BOLD

A couple of months ago one of my friends from our doula community decided she would like to either stage a performance or a screening of the play “Birth” by Karen Brody. “Birth” is the Vagina Monologues for the birthing world and something about this idea grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let go. Maybe it was the high school drama club in me that needed some attention but I volunteered to get involved and here are – a few months down the line with venues, performance dates set, a website up and running and publicity starting.

In addition to assisting with the organising, I am playing the role of Janet in the play. Janet is a lesbian woman in her early 40’s who decides to have a baby. She is strong willed and I love her determination in spite of what her peers think.

The proceeds of our performances will go in part to BOLD and in part to Busfare Babies.

Bold is an international movement to make maternity care mother-friendly and there have been hundreds of these fundraising performances of Birth around the world since 2006.

Busfare Babies is a local non profit birth house situated in the Eastern Cape whose aim is to bring gentle, safe birth to local rural women.

Please check out our website and if this is a cause which speaks to you, please support us by seeing our play or donating to our cause or forwarding details on to whoever you think would be keen to help!


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