A meme to get started again…

Yes, In Hil’s Head has been sadly neglected following my attempt at a blog post each day for a month earlier this year. Which is not to say that nothing has been going on In Hil’s Head – just that Hil couldn’t be arsed to write about it!

So in the spirit of getting things going again… a meme I found over at Jenty’s blog…

Right now, I am perfecting my work avoidance technique.

I’m currently obsessed with loom knitting, low carb eating and yoga
Cannot live without my husband and kids.
I’m reading Fifty Shades of Grey – lousy writing but everyone is doing it…
I’m listening to The Black Keys

Favourite place in Joburg is Parkhurst

Favourite place in SA is Knysna
Favourite place in the world is London
I’ve lived in Jozi and Witbank
Next up on my bucket list is to write a bucket list
The last thing I crossed of my bucket list the heading “Bucket List”
I realized I was an adult when I started doing monthly grocery shopping
I realized I’d never be an adult when my mom gave Marie Biscuits and milk after I had my wisdom teeth out
In the movie of my life, I want to be played by Anne Hathaway
Best invention since the wheel: My iPhoneand iPad
A house is not a home without the trail of mess my kids leave behind as they get home from school
This week I’m crushing on Adam LevineNeed I say more?
I’m currently working on the courage to plan yet another birthday party (Claire turns 7 in two weeks!)
I’m really proud of my art
You’d be amazed if I showed you my handbag and what it holds
I cannot survive winter without lip balm, my electric blanket and my gas heater
My signature dish is Butter Chicken and Chocolate Brownies
Guilty pleasure is Pick ‘n Pay Honeydew’s Bar One doughnuts
When no-one’s looking, I check my phone for a Facebook update
In my next life I want to be naturally skinny
Every morning, I lie in bed for too long and swear that the next morning I will get out of bed earlier
I believe that happiness is created.
I’ve really got to work on my doula business and art skills
Best advice I was ever given was to listen to your intuition
Now it’s your turn…

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