What’s a doula to do?

I am getting ready, mentally and physically, to be a doula at a birth soon. I don’t take on many births so this is a challenge for me.

I am refreshing my knowledge of the practicalities, accupressure points, aromatherapy oils.

I must gather the contents of my doula kit – it hasn’t been used in a while and the important bits have been relocated elsewhere – for example, the rescue remedy is in my medicine chest and the tea tree oil next to my bath, the rice bag is next to my bed.

It will be a home birth – I need to get my head around that. Most of my experience is birth unit based births. I need to consider all new aspects of birth that I may be faced with when helping to deliver a baby at someone’s home.

Most importantly, I need to get into the right headspace to be of value to the expectant couple.

I need to build up my confidence levels – know that I was chosen for a reason and they will appreciate my presence. Thicken my skin in preparation for dealing with a challenging midwife. 

And then I need to empty my cup


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