If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands

I am trying to teach my kids the power of affirmations… but sometimes I need to remind myself of their power too.

This morning, my little girl woke up in a rather whiny, miserable mood. I hugged her and told her I felt the same – I was also tired, my tummy was also a little sore and I would also love to stay in bed in this grey rainy weather. I also told her that it is her choice as to whether she spends the rest of the day feeling sorry for herself or whether she perks up, puts on a happy face and approaches the day with a positive outlook. With very little prompting, she started to repeat the little affirmation that I taught her… “I am in a happy mood and I choose to have a happy day today”.

The first two times she repeated it, it was with a long face but by the third time, a smile was starting to shine on her adoreable toothless mouth and by the fourth time, her whole face had lit up and she really did seem to have shaken the bad mood. I told her I was saying it with her to make sure I had a happy day too. And so far so good. As I drove to work, I chose to listen to some loud happy music from my iPod to listen to instead of my usual talk radio… and what do you know… I am in a good mood and having a happy day today.

Happy Friday Everybody!


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