27/31 Undomesticated Goddess

I posted a music video yesterday  and I was reprimanded by the undressed goddess about not posting the story behind it… 

Nicole is a fabulously talented musician – talents of which I am very envious. She is doing a 12 month music video project in honour of a departed friend and I felt privileged albeit a little daunted when she asked me to help her create one of the videos. I am not much of a photographer or videographer, but nonetheless a keen iphoneographer. And I am an artist, so creating a visual representation of a beautiful song is appealing.

The opportunity to assist arose when I had the house all to myself one weekend. The idea was to film a desperately depressed housewife (as opposed to a Wisteria Lane variety of Desperate Housewife) going about her day. I was a little uncertain about how the process would work as I watched Nicole getting into character, but I quickly got the idea and I really enjoyed helping her and her talented daughter Darcy set up the shots. I felt oddly vulnerable whilst setting up the shots of Nicole in the kitchen, eating and reading a diet book – a little too close to home?  I think at some point, the artist me took over – I loved taking some of the artsy photos and was really impressed with how some of them turned out.

After handing over the visuals I had shot, the editing was left in the capable hands of Darcy and Nicole and Hey God was the result. It turned out pretty much exactly how I envisioned it might – so happy with the result!

Thanks Nics for letting me be a part of the process. x


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